Is this you?

  • My parents can’t understand why I spend so much time on my phone

  • Everybody lectures at me, but nobody listens to me

  • Americans really don’t understand me.

  • My best friends are online, but I’m open to making new friends.

  • I don’t have a safe place to truly be myself and talk openly about issues that matter to me.

What is Jesus like?

  • He’s online and available 24/7

  • He knows you and every convoluted twist in your life journey

  • He knows your burning questions and isn’t freaked out

  • He wants to talk to you and listen to you

  • He won’t bend on his rules, but wants to bring you hope not condemnation

  • He has many compassionate and wise followers who want to befriend you online and face-to-face

Your phone God's temple

What you do online defines who you are.  You can waste your time projecting a false image of yourself to win Likes from large numbers of followers who really don’t care about you.  Or you can find an inner circle of friends who get to know the real you and embrace you as you are. 

Coming in 2020: Compelling second gen videos and social media interaction with Christian friends

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