Your children spend 3 hours per week in your church.  They spend over 40 hours per week online.  Let’s bring Jesus where they are.

Pastors and parents from every denomination and ethnicity lament that their teens are bored with their services and their 20’s have left the church.  Because most immigrant churches in America need to focus their energies on the first generation, they don’t have adequate resources to develop compelling ministries for their next generations.

That’s where Global Youth Interchange comes in.  We do not replace your church’s ministry but supplement it with trans-cultural Christian material compelling to today’s second gen.

You are our heroes

Our first generation immigrant friends bravely left your homeland to come to a country of different laws, customs and language.  You’ve worked hard to provide for your families and gone through massive culture shock.  We recognize and honor all the sacrifices you have made.

Global Youth Interchange is not a rebel movement.  We were founded in response to your heartfelt requests for assistance in retaining the next generation for the Kingdom.  We want to provide your churches and families with resources that will engage the hearts of your children in a journey with Jesus and his people.  And we want to network you with new faces who are not currently part of your congregations.  All of you who love Jesus more than the customs, language and food of your homelands will find a solid friend in Global Youth Interchange.

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