For 2,000 years Christians have spread the good news of Jesus Christ to nations around the world.  Today the nations have come to us.    This is an unprecedented opportunity for the Great Commission!  Many American Christians are very willing to reach out to their immigrant neighbors but don’t know how.  Because most of us spend our free time with those like us, we don’t understand the hearts of those from other cultures.

The Good Shepherd longs to leave the ninety-nine to pursue the one sheep that has strayed.  Typically we focus on attracting the straying sheep to attend our gatherings.  We are more likely to have positive results if we are willing to go where today’s young people are: their smartphones.  Many young people spend more time in social media than face-to-face interaction.  Most of us have failed to adjust our styles of ministry to reflect this cultural shift. 


Most Christians simply want young people to come to their gatherings.  A a few post their videos online.  That’s a good step, but video is limited to one-way communication.  Today’s young people have made it clear that they want interaction not just lectures.  Few ministries engage with those outside their congregation via social media, and even fewer do so with an understanding of today’s second-generation immigrant culture.  Global Youth Interchange was founded to equip believers to engage in innovative, online ministry to the second generation.

One of our purposes is to train Americans in cross-cultural skills to serve the nations around them.  Our leadership team consists of immigrants, those in cross-cultural marriages and overseas missionaries.  We love Americans as well as the nations of the world, and want to resource you to build better relationships with your neighbors.

You will want to stay in touch with us as we mobilize Social Media Shepherds in 2020.  If you are part of a local church, have small group leadership skills, love social media and want to learn about other cultures, you have all the necessary skills to become a Social Media Shepherd.  We’ll show you how. 

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